Marketers have been purchasing product promotion space with social influencers for quite some time. The idea is that an influencer’s social media reach is an existing market that you can tap into. So you can leverage an influencer’s social reach to increase purchases of your brand or product. Here’s the problem: too many people focus on the number of followers of a person without checking on their engagement metrics.

Focus on an Influencer’s Engagement Metrics not just the Follower Count.
Here’s why focusing on the follower count isn’t a good idea. Twitter will promote a handle if that person follows a lot of people resulting in a number of people following them back. So you wind up with an account that has tons of followers but no one really engaging with the account because they don’t know who they are. It was just a Twitter recommended account so there’s no connection between the user and the follower. Or you have a celebrity that rarely posts but has millions of followers. Well if you pay them to promote your product and that’s one of the few tweets they put out, then their followers will know that it’s a paid tweet and ignore it.

Engagement makes you money.  So what are the key performance indicators you need to track social media engagement?

Look at the following metrics as a base:

  • Likes Per Post/ Video.
  • Comments Per Post/ Video.
  • Shares Per Post/ Video.
  • Look at the Follower to Following Ratio

To begin, you must request from the Influencer you’re looking to advertise with for the following: Audience Growth Rate, New Follower Metrics and Clicks Per Post/ Video.

Always request data and metrics to verify that it has the potential to be a worthwhile investment.

If they don’t have these analytics, then you should seriously question whether or not you’d like to advertise with them. Influencers that are serious and have a secure consistent engagement with their followers know these metrics and have them readily available. This is because they perceive their social media as a community indicating that their followers have more trust and confidence in the influencer. This happens because the influencer has taken the time to treat the follower or viewer as a person. The influencer has established a dialog and a relationship with their audience. So, if they advertise your brand or product then it’s an endorsement to a loyal following. Always advertise with someone who takes their audience seriously and treats their page or channel as a community.

The Best Influencers are those that Treat their Channel as a Community.
Let’s also take a look at the math behind this. For example, if you look at an influencer with 5 million fans and only a quarter of their followers engage, then your potential market is only 12,500 people. However, if you look at an influencer with 500,000 followers but they have set 5% engagement rate, then you’re look at a 25,000 potential consumer base. Plus, an influencer with 500,000 followers may charge less than an influencer with 5 million. So looking at engagement rates makes sure that your ad purchase or sponsorship is cost-effective and with a greater return on investment [ROI].


So always focus more on the engagement rates instead of the follower count.